Find Out How Food Affects Your Body


Do you need an energy boost? Try this juice for clean energy that will last.

energy boost


6 oranges, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/4 inch of ginger (or more if you like!)


contains vitamins b,c,e and carotene


Can improve energy longevity, reduces blood clots, clears skin problems, natural antibiotic, fights colds and flu, detoxes, helps with inflammations.


Inner Connect was formed by Tami J and Luke The Raw Cowboy, sharing their knowledge through their raw food transition programs, culinary nutrition, fasting, delicious recipes created by Tami J and health in general.


 Various fasting methods and raw food transitions, have been a focus of Tami J’s for quite some time after she achieved a tremendous amount of positive results from healing her own chronic fatigue and neurological disorder (suspected Multiple Sclerosis), that had her unable to use her arms and legs unassisted for a few days at a time, thyroid imbalances and leaky gut caused by what is known as candida.

Tami J.JPGShe achieved this miracle of healing through juice fasting followed by water fasting, for an extended time under the watch of a coach and then leading a balanced and healthy life focusing on raw food consumption and juicing techniques for quite some time.


Luke is a well respected and sought after Health & Fitness Coach for over 14 years, 10 of those owning & inspiring people within his personal training studio. Luke does not believe the answers to our health require searching through the confusing information that is abundantly available to us in its technical and scientific languages, he trusts and believes the answers have been written for us for 1000’s of years and refers back to the ancient and cultural community’s that prove themselves healthy and long living.


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Find Out How Food Affects Your Body

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