Find Out How Food Affects Your Body


Our body stores our thoughts, feelings and energies which can manifest into a disease or disorder if it’s toxic and does not get released. This is part of the mind body spirit triad where every physical illness manifests internally in our body from the emotional, mental and spiritual level. In order to heal, we need to change our thoughts and take action to change our beliefs, as our body is giving us feedback as to what is not functioning properly.


According to Louise Hay (1984) “You Can Heal Your Life” and Inna Segal (2007) “The Secret Language of Your Body”, here are the emotions stored around our face-


Brain That Rests On A Chaise Longue


The brain symbolise the body’s computer and switchboard. It contracts mental viruses, in the form of negative thoughts, worries and stresses. This leads to feeling out of control, depressed, bored, disinterested, disheartened, sleepy, hazy, scattered, conflicted or confused.



The ears represent the capacity to hear. When there are problems with the ears, it usually means something is going on you do not want to hear, not listening to your own guidance and wisdom, refusal to change your mind or limiting perspective,  mishearing or misunderstanding people, feeling out of balance, dizzy, unaware, unnerved.


An earache would indicate that there is anger about what is being heard, as well as holding onto the frustration, blame, guilt or resentment behind the message.


Earaches are common with children. They often have to listen to stuff going on in the household they really don’t want to hear. Household rules often forbid a child’s expression of anger, and the child’s inability to change things creates an earache.


Deafness represents longstanding refusal to listen to someone. Usually within a relationship, one partner has a hearing impairment, the other partner often talks non-stop.



Involved in too much conflict or argument, feeling impatient, angry, annoyed, hurt by people’s comments. Holding onto destructive beliefs from the past, especially childhood, and replaying them. Feeling tired, worn out, dejected about your life, work, family, and environment



Spending time around people who judge and criticise you; or being self-critical, feeling what you have to say is not important and not worth hearing or listening to.


eyes 2


The eyes represent the capacity to see- past, present, and future. When there are problems with the eyes, it usually means there is something we do not want to see, either about ourselves or about life. Also, feeling stuck, only seeing things from one direction or perspective, wanting things to be different, fearful of the future, suspicion of people and events seeing obstacles and limitations, seeing life from a negative point of view, belief in aging.


Small children wearing glasses usually means that there is stuff going on in their household they do not want to look at. If they can’t change the experience, they will diffuse the sight so they don’t have to see it so clearly.



Holding on to pain from the past and projecting it onto the future, making excuses and finding reasons why things won’t work, blocking the flow of abundance and prosperity, experiencing challenges in your relationship, not seeing how you can change this situation, feeling irritated with yourself and others.



Believing that life is chaotic, hard, challenging and full of struggles and seeking proof of this, seeing only the negative or challenging parts of your existence, focusing on pain, lack of limitation, difficulty visualising good things in your life, losing trust that life will provide for you by buying into fear, stress and worry, experiencing lack of joy, fun and creativity.


ASTIGMATISM- fear of really seeing the self

CATARACTS- inability to see ahead with joy, dark future

CROSS EYED- not wanting to see what’s out there, crossed purposes

FARSIGHTED- fear of the present

GLAUCOMA- unforgiveness, pressure from long-standing hurts, overwhelmed by it all

NEARSIGHTED- fear of the future

WALLEYED- fear of looking at the present, right here

DRY EYE- angry eyes, refusing to see with love, would rather die than forgive, being spiteful



The face represents what we show the world. Issues in this area include- repeating the same old unconstructive patterns, stressing, frowning, limiting yourself, struggling and feeling disconnected from your heart and soul, not taking the opportunity to truly know yourself so you lose face. Changes need to be made in order to face life head on.



Inability to back up decisions, not following through with projects, giving up too quickly, procrastinating, wishy-washy about life, lack of joy in the decision made in life, too demanding and selfish, refusal to change



Your hair represents strength, beauty, creativity, self-worth and self-love as it is your insulation and protection. When there is too much tension in the scalp from thinking, worrying, being afraid, holding on to anger, frustration, guilt, resentment or sadness, hair starts falling out or changing colour as it can no longer breathe, and it dies. If this tension is continued, and the scalp is not relaxed, then the follicle remains so tight that the new hair cannot grow through. The result is baldness.That is the body’s way of showing you that what you are doing is not working


GREY HAIR- stress, a belief in pressure and strain



The head represents us as it is what we present to the world. It is how we are usually recognised. When something is wrong in the head area, it usually means we feel something is very wrong with “us”. These include feeling angry, frustrated, judgmental, self-critical, unaware, overwhelmed by life, too many things to think about and burdens to carry, stuck in a limited way of thinking and resisting change, always busy doing something or worrying about what you need to do.


Headaches come from invalidating the self, self-criticism, and fear.


Migraine headaches are created by people with suppressed anger who dislike being driven, resist the flow of life, sexual fears, need to be perfect and who create a lot of pressure on themselves. Usually due to loss of direction in life, forgetting what’s important and focusing on all the problems, feeling like you need to control everyone and everything in order to be happy in life.



The mouth represents taking in new ideas and nourishment. Mouth problems signifies set opinions, closed mind, incapacity to take in new ideas, worrying too much and not loving or nurturing yourself, putting food into your mouth which is unhealthy, lack of understanding, having a bad attitude, saying things that are hurtful to others, criticising, judging, spreading rumours, gossiping.



The nose represents self-recognition. Problems with the nose signifies being nosy, gossiping, judgmental and hurtful, interfering with other people’s affairs, looking for love and attention, feeling unnoticed, invisible, unimportant, unworthy, tired, run-down, overwhelmed, not listening to your intuition.


NOSE BLEEDS – a need for recognition, feeling unrecognised and unnoticed, crying for love

RUNNY NOSE – asking for help, inner crying

STUFFY NOSE – not recognising the self-worth



The teeth represents decisions. Teeth problems indicates indecisiveness, self-neglect, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, frustration about your inability to express yourself clearly, holding onto shame, guilt, fear, anger, blame, bitterness, unresolved childhood issues and frequent self-sabotage.



The tongue represents the ability to taste the pleasures of life with joy. Problems with tongue symbolises feeling uncomfortable with what you think, know or feel, not saying things you want to say because you are afraid of being judged, gossiping too much or criticising others, trying to deceive yourself and pretend that everything is ok, feeling suppressed, abandoned or ostracised.





Find Out How Food Affects Your Body




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