Find Out How Food Affects Your Body


donDon Tolman is known as “The Indiana Jones of Wholefood Medicine” because of his 17 year quest around the world in search of an ancient sacred meal called, Pulse.


His passion is educating people about the wholefood and self care industry as health is everything. Don firmly believes that mother nature contains everything we need in the form of wholefoods, sunlight, water and our surrounding environment to ensure our health and longevity.


He has also completed extended fasts on both water and juices to experience one of the brilliant ancient protocols for healing, restoration and extending life. 


Don has healed numerous people from cancer,  melanoma, broken back, paraplegic, brain tumour, children with cystic fibrosis, diabets, staph infection as per below testimonials-


Here is an excerpt of my interview with Don-


If a food looks like a body organ, it targets that in the human body.


Capsicum- red and has 4 chambers just like a heart. This is the best heart food. Green one helps clear the lymphatic and immune system.



Grapes- looks like blood cells. Best blood food to possibly have.


Avocado- looks like a womb and cervix, looks like a pregnant woman too. Helps cervical cancer too. Nutritional component will clear all complications for the woman during deliveries. It takes 9 months to grow an avocado, just like a human fetus.


Carrots- looks like pupil with radiating line which looks like an eyeball, so good for the eyes. If you eat one medium size carrot everyday for 7 days, it increases blood supply into the eye by 25%. If you keep it up and you have visual problems, it’ll improve your eyesight.


Anything that comes in a head e.g. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, it targets the brain specifically. It clears memory and mental fogs.


Celery- looked like a bone and snaps like one. Heals osteoporosis


Olives target ovaries


Celery/bok choy/rhubarb or looks like a bone will target the pain in your muscular body


Orange is feminine food as it targets breast





Find Out How Food Affects Your Body

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