Find Out How Food Affects Your Body


Here are some of the cooking benefits of using apple cider vinegar-

#1 Salad Dressing

ACV can be used in salads. It is a healthier option to regular vinegar. Mix ACV with your preferred oil — such as olive oil – and other ingredients like garlic and mustard, and use it as a dressing for your salad greens.


#2 Juice

Drinking pure ACV can damage your teeth and throat, so it’s best to mix it through a juice. Try mixing a small amount of ACV into grape or a similar type of juice. It is an easy and tasty way to get a daily dose of ACV. Please note: fresh pressed juice only, not the processed ones bought in supermarket which are loaded with sugar.

#3 Soups

Despite the sour flavor of ACV, it is a perfect addition to soups. It won’t really taste like vinegar! Add a splash of ACV to your soup for a little extra punch.

#4 Baking

Vinegar is used in baking to help improve the fluffiness of baked goods like breads and cakes. You can switch up regular vinegar to ACV in your baking recipe to not only add more airiness to the finished product but also to improve its nutritional content. It also provides an extra lift to baked goods.

#5 Sauce

You can try adding a little ACV to sauces, marinades and vinaigrettes. Mix ACV with a little olive oil and fresh herbs for a simple topping for meat or salad. Mix with lemon juice for a great veggie dressing

#6 Wash Fruits and Veggies

Use some ACV to wash your fruits and veggies before you eat them. This is important to remove any pesticides or chemicals that may have been sprayed on them before they were harvested.  


#7 Neutralize Spices

When you’ve accidentally added one too many shakes of cayenne powder to your dinner, add 1 tsp ACV at a time until the taste returns to where you want it

#8 Add to Bone Broth

Mix a few spoonfuls into your bone broth to add a kick and some extra detox power.




Find Out How Food Affects Your Body

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