Find Out How Food Affects Your Body


I went to Bali in November 2015 for a fortnight for holidays . I decided to let loose and eat local food which I knew would normally flare my skin up. What astonished me was that during the 2 weeks I was there, my eczema healed immediately within the first few days, despite me breaking my anti candida diet.

tylerLuckily I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Tyler Tolman in Bali and asked what his insight to this would be. Tyler shared the following wisdom of the 7 principles of health which are the foundation to the temple of our health and body, and assists in healing our illness- air, water, sunshine, walking, wholefood, non-toxic relationship and passion.

Air – the breath of life. We need to breathe deeply all day long, as well as have good clean air like the one outside. You can also put plants in your home which helps you breathe better.

It’s best to implement a ceiling fan inside the premise as they are the healthiest and purifies the air indoors. When air moves 5m, it fully charges and electrifies as our lungs use it to breathe. If you breathe air through indoor circulated air-con, you will get sick as it’s dirty and stagnant. You need to go outside regularly for fresh air and open your windows.

air-bubbles-230014_1280Water– our body is comprised of approximately 65% of water, which is vital that we drink it regularly to stay hydrated. Water is highly electrical and conduct current. It is the greatest and healthiest life giving fluid in your body as it’s electrifying. If you drink 1 glass of water every hour for 7-8h, it’ll change your body immediately. If you drink at least 1L of water for every 22kg a day, it’ll eliminate a lot of health issues.


Sunshine– The sun is the healthiest thing that we have and we need to get that into us. Our bodies are designed to be in certain areas and follow those seasons. e.g. in Europe there are 3 months in the year with sunshine, so during those times you need to get a deep tan to get all your vitamin D stored in your body to get your optimal health. Our body needs the sun for preventing and reversing disease to regulate our health. The sun causes the process of calcium to be absorbed and prevent osteoporosis for your bones.

It also creates emotional molecule in our brain which creates joy. If we don’t have it, we get depressed. The pharmaceutical industry tries to influence people that it’s bad for you. The number 1 cause of skin cancer is lack of fresh fruit and vegetables and not staying hydrated with water, number 2 is sunscreen. There’s no case that sun creates skin cancer. The sun can prevent lots of disease in the body such as cancer as the UV rays can control the bacteria in our body.


Walking/ Exercise – We need to move our body, even if it’s 30-45 mins of walking. Studies show that if you do some form of strength training, your bone density increase. Walking also stimulates neuro chemistry of emotion of the brain which is good for you. If you go for a walk, 3 minutes later you won’t be unhappy/depressed anymore. Walking enlivens the whole nervous and lymphatic system as it cleanses your body since you’re moving. If you’re walking 45-60 minutes a day, that’s how you strengthen your emotions.

Wholefood– They are natural (from plant kingdom) and they heal your body instead of medicines. If possible, eat fresh organic wholefood- nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables, fruits and preferably organic. Otherwise get apple cider vinegar and wash them good as it eliminated 100% of herbicide and pesticide if you cannot afford organic. Apples are nature’s healers.unnamed

Plant based diet seems to have a positive temperament to the body leading to kindness, adding to person’s longevity and preventing disease in the body. Wholefood have whole nutrition which is important to the cells in your body

Non-toxic relationship– Are you in a relationship or relation shit? If you’re in relation shit, that also leads to toxicity and disease especially if you feel the poison in your body when you’re in a fight or upset with each other. Raising our vibration allows us to communicate better, be more compassionate towards one another, truly finding unconditional love to live a happier and healthier life

Human touch in relationship is everything. Gazing into people’s eyes and touch have highest electrical healing to people. Relationships that we’re happy to be in as it enriches our lives, not because we’re desperate and settling. It’s critical that we have loving relationships that’s mutual in our life as it prevents all kind of problem as it builds longevity in our life.

love-249313_1280Passion– Passion is a huge factor in health and you need to live yours. It drives the cell as it’s the highest good since pleasure as it is everything. When you have something that you get pleasure and passion from, the ion of electric force sends throughout the body which charges you. If you don’t have something that you’re not passionate about in your life, you need to slow down and look after yourself and find your passion and spend time on it to heal yourself.

This made total sense to me as I was living majority of the 7 principles of health (except for wholefood) in Bali, hence why my eczema recovered in record rate of less than a week compared to the 9 months that I’ve had. Whereas back home in Australia, I was living wholly on 3 of the principles- wholefood, water and walking. I got the occasional sunshine and fresh air but not daily compared to Bali. The 7 principles of health disproved my initial theory that our diet is the only key to healing our health as we are what we eat. Without living majority of these principles, we would be making a very slow recovery with our illness.

** Don Tolman also teaches this principle as well***






Find Out How Food Affects Your Body

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